Living in Georgestown is very rewarding, but like all homes, ours sometimes need maintenance, repair or renovation. If an historic house, it may need care that is specific to the period in which the home was built. (For example, many older interior walls are made of plaster, not drywall). Newer homes also need skilled tradespeople to keep them at their best.

We can help each other overcome challenges by sharing positive experiences with tradespeople and businesses. If you have a recommendation, please contact us and we will share your experience with others.

Here are some recommendations made by Georgestown residents. The GNA does not endorse any of these businesses, we are simply passing on recommendations made by neighbours:


Ken Spurell (Victorian Finish)


"He is my go-to contractor for big jobs. He’s renovated two bedrooms for me and one was a total and complete down-to-the-studs gut job. He is not cheap, but he is 100% reliable, honest, meticulous and does very good work, all with proper permits and written contracts and invoices. He works only with his son and son-in-law, and they are neat and tidy and respectful (and actually just a pleasure to have around). We went away for 3 weeks and left the house in their hands while we were out of the country, and they were in the middle of a job and I didn’t have a moment of concern. I almost don’t want to give out his name, because he’s so busy with work that it takes ages to get him to come in and do work for me!"

Wiseman Contracting (carpentry, construction, decks, repairs etc.)


Atlantic Floor Heating (electric radiant floor heating)



Noel Walsh


Paradise, NL

"Someone who I trust. He is the kind of plumber who will advise you against doing something, even if it means talking himself out of a job, if he feels it is not the best solution. I appreciate his honesty."


Michael Palmer (Stone masonry, chimneys, etc.)


Professional Chimney Services Ltd. (previously called Quality Chimney Sweep)

Ed Warfield: 709-739-8344 (original owner and operator of Quality Chimney)

Michael: 709-693-7108 (son of Ed and new owner)

"Reliable yearly chimney sweeping and liner installation."

"Michael installed a new chimney liner for our oil furnace. Both he and his father Ed took time to answer all my questions. They were professional and quick to return my calls."

"Michael explained to me the numerous (yet unfortunately common) ways that our original liner had been incorrectly installed (leading to its premature failure). He explained what he would do differently to make his liner installation safer and up to code."


Red Seal Roofing Ltd.